Download MakuluLinux MATE 6.1 ISO

MakuluLinux MATE is a free Linux distribution which is powered by MATE desktop environment. This MakuluLinux MATE 6.1 is based on Debian GNU/Linux operating system. It’s a lightweight Linux which should be usable for low-end machines or laptops.

makululinux mate 1.6 iso

MakuluLinux MATE 1.6 features the following:

  • Based on Debian Testing
  • Mate 1.8
  • 3.13.x PAE Kernel
  • MakuluLinux Mate now has FULL Systemd support

The MakuluLinux Developers presented the post install configuration which is good for a new Linux users. It will guide us to configure some important settings in easy mode. For more information, this page should help.

Download MakuluLinux MATE 1.6 ISO


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