Download PHPMyAdmin 4.2.0

phpMyAdmin is the popular tool written in PHP and is being widely used  to handle the administration of MySQL databases. phpMyadmin has just reached version 4.2.0. You can download and install this latest version to get the most recent features and bug fixes. phpMyAdmin is a smart tool to manage your MySQL Server remotely. The web administration tool helps us to visually manage the MySQL Server easily.

phpmyadmin 4.2.0

What’s new on this phpMyAdmin 4.2.0?

  • Added the ability to save and load queries in Query By Example.
  • Navigation tabs are now fixed and don’t scroll off screen.
  • Easily add a function to all rows when inserting several rows at once.
  • Added a favorite tables feature for quick access to often-used tables.
  • Quick filter displayed rows.

Download phpMyAdmin 4.2.0 


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