Fedora 25 installed on DELL Inspiron 5000 series-A Short Review

I was installing the latest Fedora 25 on my DELL Inspiron 5000 series laptop. It was a great experience to have Fedora 25 Workstation running on my laptop. Previously, this laptop came with pre-installed Windows 10 home edition and now I switched to Fedora 25.

Why Fedora ?

Linux has many variants and flavors why I installed Fedora on my laptop? There is no clear reason why I choose Fedora 25 to handle my laptop. But mostly because I want to try the overall performance of Fedora 25 on my working laptop. I have tested many Linux desktops from Ubuntu, Arch, Manjaro, Antergos, Linux Mint and some others. But now, I will stay for Fedora 25 until I decide otherwise. The Wayland feature seems promising on Fedora 25.

Fedora 25 Performance and Looks

Fedora 25 is pretty stable. I use the GNOME desktop on Wayland. Its pretty quick and lightweight. All animated menu works very smooth. I tweak the looks of my desktop a little bit. I installed Arc Icon Theme and Arc flatabulous GTK theme and pretty satisfy with it. The default icon and theme is pretty dull and need some works.


Fedora 25 comes with many applications installed by default. Firefox is the default web browser, LibreOffice, Boxes virtualization and some more. Adding more software also very easy. The Software Center is pretty helpful and also we can install more software and package via dnf utility command line.


Fedora 25 with GNOME and wayland is great. But I notice some issues on it. I can install Spotify, Plank dock but none of them were run correctly. Everytime I log in to my Spotify account, it crashed. Till now, I cannot figure it out. Also, my AMD VGA driver seems not enabled by default. The system uses the second Intel graphic card and needs some works to make the AMD graphic card is activated.


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