How to change default search engine on Microsoft Edge

After performing a fresh install of Windows 10, you may found that Microsoft Edge is the default web browser. Microsoft Edge is a good web browser. Well, it works pretty well with Windows 10. The default search engine on Microsoft Edge is Bing. I guarantee that most of you will need to change it to Google. This quick tip will show you how to switch between Bing to Google as the default search engine on Microsoft Edge.

How to Change Search Engine on Microsoft Edge

First, open Edge. And then click the three small dots on the top right corner of the Microsoft Edge.

open setting edge.png

Click Settings and then scroll down and click View Advanced Settings.

change search engine.png

Click Change Search Engine and then select your preferred search engine from the list.

change search engine

Note: If you don’t see Google in the list. You need to open first. Microsoft Edge will automatically discover and put Google in the list. Hope that help. Cheers


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