How to create OpenSUSE 13.1 Live USB from Windows machine

This tutorial is going to show you how to create OpenSUSE LiveUSB from Windows machine. There are several tools that can create OpenSUSE Live USB but for me, SUSE StudioImage Writer is the perfect tool to create OpenSUSE LiveUSB. On this tutorial, I am using OpenSUSE 13.1 Live CD.

First, you have to download the ImageWriter for Windows. Make sure you have Microsoft .Net Framework installed on your PC. If not, you can install it first from this link. Now run ImageWriter

suse image writer

Press Select and browse to the OpenSUSE 13.1 ISO file. By default, you won’t be able to see the .ISO file. To solve this, type *.* then you will see the ISO files in the folder.


Press Open and then press Copy to start creating the LiveUSB.

Thanks for reading this tutorial on How to create OpenSUSE 13.1 Live USB from Windows machine.


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