How to create Remix OS 3.0 Live USB from Windows

Remix OS 3.0 can be run directly from a USB flash disk. By creating a Live USB you can try this Android Operating System on your PC without touching any existing files or configuration on your PC. If you running Windows Operating System, it is very easy to create Remix OS 3.0 Live USB. There is a small utility that can help us to create any Linux Live USB. The utility is Rufus.

The new version of Rufus 2.11 is now available for download. This utility does not need to be installed on your Windows machine. Simply run the executable file and start creating Live USB from there. I am going to show you how to create Remix OS 3.0 Live USB using Rufus 2.11.

First, make sure you have downloaded Remix OS 3.0 ISO file. Now run Rufus 2.11 and the main window will open up as follow:


Plug your USB flash drive and Rufus will automatically detects it. If not, close Rufus and re run. On the first section, select your USB Flash Disk from the device drop down menu. Leave any other options as default value unless you want some other configuration.

Next, browse your Remix OS 3.0 ISO file using the browse button close to ISO Image text. Make sure you select ISO Image.


When ready, press Start button to start the process. Once finished, reboot your computer and make sure you boot from the USB disk. You can find the boot settings from BIOS menu.

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