How to create Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 Live USB from Windows 10

If you want to try the new Ubuntu 17.04 Budgie Edition, you can use your USB flash drive to create a Live USB. With this Live USB you can boot the new Ubuntu 17.04 Budgie Edition without having to worry about your current operating system being modified by Ubuntu. But, if in the end you want to permanently install Ubuntu 17.04 Budgie Edition, you can perform the installation right away from this Live USB.


Steps to create Ubuntu 17.04 Live USB using Rufus

Insert your USB flash disk to the USB port on your computer. Make sure you have 4 GB or more Flash Disk. Open Rufus application and select the USB flash disk from the Device menu.

Next, browse the ISO file you’ve downloaded and usually Rufus will detect all the settings required to create the Live USB with optimal performance. Press Start to start the process.




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