How to display 3D Surface in Mapinfo Professional

This Mapinfo tutorial will show you how to display 3D Surface in Mapinfo Professional. Please make sure you have Encom Discover installed on your computer. We will utilize the 3D menu on Encom Discover. The final result will looks like this below.

encom discover 3d window

On this tutorial, I am using the example data that comes with the Encom Discover installation. You can find the example/tutorial data in the following folder: C:\ProgramData\Encom\Discover

Steps to display 3D Surface on Mapinfo Discover 3D

  1. Open the file Topography_Rl under the folder Topography.

3d surface on mapinfo 1

2. Go to Discover | Discover 3D Menu to activate the Discover3D Menu. Then from the Discover3D menu, click View Surface in 3D. The new window will appear and select the grid surface from the list and press OK.

3d surface on mapinfo 2

Finally, you will see the grid surface now displayed in Discover3D window.

encom discover 3d window

Step by step tutorial is summarized below

how to open 3d surface in mapinfo


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