How to install Gambas IDE on Manjaro 15.09

Gambas is an Integrated Development Environment which runs on Linux platform. We can build our own software/code using Gambas on a Linux system. Gambas language is pretty easy, it similar to Visual basic on Windows OS. This tutorial I will show you how to install Gambas on Manjaro 15.09 or Manjaro 0.8.13.

A. Install Gambas using Command line

To install Gambas using command line, simply use this command

pacman -S gambas3-ide gambas3-gb-net gambas3-gb-net-curl


install gambas ide on manjaroB. Install Gambas using Package Manager

Type gambas on the search box and then right click on gambas3-ide and select install.

install gambas on manjaro 15.09Run Gambas

gambas on manjaro


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