How to install Spotify on Manjaro 17.0

Spotify is my favorite music player. I can play my favorite music everywhere with this application. Spotify can be installed on Linux, Windows, Android and iOS as well. This tutorial will show you how to install Spotify on Manjaro 17.0. Thanks to AUR repository that provide Spotify package for Arch Linux and derivatives such as Manjaro. We can easily install Spotify via AUR repository. On this tutorial, I am using Manjaro 17.0.2 Gellivara.

Steps to install Spotify on Manjaro 17.0

Step 1. Enable AUR on Manjaro

First, we need to enable AUR on Manjaro. AUR repository provides many packages that are useful for Manjaro system. Please read this post in order to install AUR on Manjaro.

Step 2. Install Spotify on Manjaro

Open Pamac Software Manager and type spotify on the search box.

install Spotify on Manjaro

Select spotify and then press Apply to start the installation. Once completed, you can start using Spotify on Manjaro 17.0.


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