How to mount windows 8 shared folder on ClearOS 6.5.0

This short tutorial is going to show you how to mount a remote windows shared folder on ClearOS 6.5.0. In order to mount remote Windows shared folder, we have to make sure that the Windows shared folder is accessible. On this example, I share a folder called Share from my Windows 8.


Now, login to ClearOS 6.5.0 console. I use putty to login to my ClearOS server from my Windows 8 desktop. You can grab Putty from this official link.


Type the ClearOS server IP address on the Host name box. Press Open and you should be connected to ClearOS after entering user name and password for ClearOS server.

I want to mount my Windows 8 shared folder on /mnt/share. So I need to create a new directory under /mnt.

mkdir /mnt/share

To mount the shared folder I execute this command on Putty

mount -t cifs // -o username=dhani,password=12345 /mnt/share

Those command should be executed in a single command. is my Windows 8 IP address
share is my shared folder on Windows 8
username is the Windows 8 user name
password is the password for dhani username
/mnt/share is the directory in which the remote folder will be mounted on ClearOS server

That’s it. Thank you for visiting my blog.


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