How to Perform Full Disk Backup using EaseUS ToDo Backup

Backup is an important task that we should put in the first place. There are many backup software you can use to backup your hard disk, operating system or data files. In this article, I am going to show you how to perform full disk backup using EaseUS ToDo Backup. EaseUS Todo Backup is a popular backup solution for Windows users. It comes with many backup types, including full disk backup.

I have a SSD disk to store my operating system and various applications I use for works. And I also have my second hard disk to store my data files. I would like to backup my entire system disk (C drive) including installed applications. If something happen in the future, I can simply restore from the backup without having to worry about re-installing applications.

Why EaseUS Todo Backup?

There are several reasons why I choose EaseUS ToDo Backup to handle my backups. First, it is very easy to use. The user interface of this software is pretty simple and should be usable for anyone.

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It is also very easy to restore our system from the backup file. With the bootable ISO, we can boot our computer and restore the whole system in few simple clicks.

Steps to Backup Disk using EaseUS Todo Backup

First, download and install the software. You can get the EaseUS Todo Backup full version for about USD 39 (Workstation version). You may download the installation media from this link. In this article, I am using the EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server full version.

Open the program and then click New Task. You will see list of your hard drives on the Disk/Volume tab. Since we are going to create a new disk backup task, select the disk to backup. In the following example, I am going to backup Disk 1.

As you can see, I select the Disk 1. Don’t forget to specify the backup destination and give it a plan name.

Backup Scheduling

If you are planning to schedule a routine and automatic backup, click Schedule and then click New. You will be guided to create a new schedule for your backup task.

Start the Backup

Once all configured properly, click Proceed button to start the backup process. The new backup task will be visible on the main window. You can edit or run this task anytime you want.

OK that’s it. I hope you enjoy this tutorial to perform full disk backup using EaseUS Todo Backup. See you in the next tutorials.


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