How to Backup MySQL Database Using dbForge Studio for MySQL

As a database administrator, backup is an important task that should be done regularly. There are many software, tools or script you can use to backup the databases. In this article, I am going to show you how to backup MySQL database using dbForge Studio for MySQL. dbForge Studio is a good database management software. It comes with backup and restore feature that is very easy to use. The database backup and restore feature is only available in dbForge Studio for MySQL full version.

dbForge Studio for MySQL backup file can be saved in local folder, external drive or in the network. But, it does not support the direct cloud storage. When we perform a database backup, the database will be saved as .sql file. It is a very portable file. We can copy, move the sql file easily.

Steps to Backup MySQL Database Using dbForge Studio for MySQL

  1. Open dbForge Studio
  2. Create a new connection to the MySQL Server
  3. Go to Database >> Backup and Restore >> Backup Database
  4. Select the connection and the database to backup
  5. Specify the backup path
  6. Give a new name for the backup file
  7. Hit Next and select the tables and other objects. You can also use the option backup all objects
  8. Click Backup button to start the backup process

The entire backup process is not so complicated.


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