How to run Remix OS 3.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 using Virtualbox

Remix OS 3.0 has been officially released with many improvements, based on Android Marshmallow version. There are several ways to run Remix OS 3.0 on your computer. You can create a Remix OS Live USB and boot your computer with the USB. Or, you can also run Remix OS 3.0 using Virtualbox. Thanks to OSBOXES team which provides the VDI image file of Remix OS 3.0.  With this VDI we can simply attach it to a virtual guest storage and run the guest machine.

I have created a quick walk through this Remix OS on Virtualbox. You can watch it here:

A. Before we go, first you will need to install Oracle Virtualbox. If you are using Ubuntu 16.04, you can read how to install Virtualbox 5.1.5 on Ubuntu 16.04. Then, you will also need to download the VDI image from osboxes website. You can navigate to this page below to get the file:

Remix OS

Select the architecture you want to use. I recommend to use the 64 bit version.

B. Open Virtualbox and create a new virtual machine.

Select Other from the Type and select Other/Unknown 64 bit from the version list. Press Next to continue.

create new virtual machine

C. Assign memory to the new virtual machine. I put 4000 MB of RAM for my new machine

remix os virtualbox 1

D. On the next page, select the existing hard disk and browse to the Remix OS VDI file we downloaded from the previous step. Press OK and the new virtual machine is ready.

create remix os virtual machine 1

You can start the Remix OS 3.0 virtual machine now. But, it is better to tweak it a little bit so we get the full speed and power of our virtual machine by going into the Settings page.

create remix os virtual machine 2

Now your Remix OS 3.0 is ready. Thank for coming.


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