How to synchronize account data between Active Directory and Univention Corporate Server Domain

If you are looking for a Windows Active Directory replacement, Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is the best Linux distribution that can do best on it. UCS has a built in Active Directory (OpenLDAP) feature that can replace Windows Active Directory. It easy to install and manage. There is a new feature on UCS which allows us to synchronize account data between existing Active Directory server and UCS domain.

Univention Active Directory connection module allows us to sync account data and/or configure UCS server as a part of any existing Active Directory. You can install this module from the Software Center. To sync the account data from existing AD to UCS Domain, follow these steps:

Open Active Directory Connection module

ucs active directory connection 1

Select the second radio button and press Next. Enter the Active Directory domain credential here.

ucs active directory connection 2Next, upload your root certificate. You can skip this step if you want.

ucs active directory connection 3

UCS Active Directory Connection supports 3 different synchronization method. On this example I select the bidirectional sync mode.

ucs active directory connection 4

In a moment the sync process is completed. Now you can check your account data.

ucs active directory connection 5


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