How to use Nethserver 6.6 as File Server

The installation of Nethserver 6.6 does not include File server capabilities by default. If you want to build a file server using Nethserver, you will need to install additional package that will make Nethserver as a file server for your network. But, to use Nethserver as a File Server is very easy. This tutorial is going to show you how to create a powerful file server using Nethserver 6.6. Please read my previous tutorial on how to install Nethserver 6.6 and also how to configure Nethserver 6.6 after install.

Steps to enable File Server on Nethserver 6.6

First, login to the Nethserver web management console. Click Software Center on the administration section. Check File Server to enable this function.

nethserver as file server 1

You can also enable nethserver-samba-audit if you want. Next click Add. Finally click Apply changes to confirm the installation.

nethserver as file server 2

This task will allow Nethserver to download several packages from the repository. Please wait until the installation finished. When done, refresh your browser and you should see some new menu appear on the left panel. You can now create a new shared folder and Windows networking settings.

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