Install Cockpit, Web based Server Managment UI on Ubuntu 17.04

Cockpit is a simplified server GUI management web dashboard which helps us to manage server a lot easier. This tutorial will show you how to install Cockpit on Ubuntu 17.04. Cockpit can be installed on both server or desktop edition. Cockpit comes with a nice and simple user interface. We can easily monitor the CPU, Memory, Network performance directly from a web browser.

cockpit ubuntu 17.04 1.png

Cockpit Dashboard

cockpit ubuntu 17.04 storage.png

Cockpit Storage section

Cockpit also comes with Terminal applet where we can use it to ssh to the server via command line.

cockpit terminal.png

How to install Cockpit on Ubuntu 17.04

Open Terminal or connect to the server via ssh and simply execute this command

sudo apt install cockpit

Once completed, you can open a web browser with the following format


Log in with root user and you can start manage and monitor the server using Cockpit.


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