Install Deepin Screen Recorder on Ubuntu 18.10

Need a simple and easy to use screen recorder for your Ubuntu 18.10? Well, you have some options. OBS Studio and Deepin Screen Recorder are the best screen recorder for Linux. The OBS Studio is a complete, rich features screen recorder and streaming software. The Deepin Screen Recorder is less features but it is very convenient to use. This tutorial will show you how to install Deepin Screen Recorder on Ubuntu 18.10. This software is originally developed by Deepin team and is a default software in Deepin Linux. Recently, this software is available for Ubuntu users. So, let’s install it.

Steps to Install Deepin Screen Recorder on Ubuntu 18.10

Step 1. Enable Universe and Multiverse repository

The Deepin Screen Recorder is available in Universe repository. We need to enable this repository prior to the installation. To do this, simply go to the Ubuntu Software & Update. You can open it via Ubuntu App menu.

Make sure you enable the Universe and Multiverse repository as shown above. Click Close. It will ask you to update/refresh the repository index.

Step 2. Install The Software

Open Ubuntu Software Center and then type “deepin screen recorder”. You should see this program in Ubuntu Software Center. Hit Install to start the installation process.

Now launch the application.

The interface is pretty simple. You will only see one main Start Recording button. Below it, you can choose the recording format (MP4 or GIF). So yes, we can choose from two different formats, GIF and MP4. Both are recorded in high quality mode. Unfortunately, there is no preference or settings menu that allows us to change the settings of this application. The file size produced by Deepin Screen Recorder is pretty big compared to other software. But yes, the quality is awesome.

How to Record Your Desktop using Deepin Screen Recorder.

First, open the application and then you will need to specify what to record. You can record the entire screen or application window. You can select this by clicking the area of your screen or drag the area you want to record. Then, select the format. Finally, hit the Start Recording button to start the recording. You will see the countdown timer on your screen. When recording in progress, you will see a recording icon at the top right corner of your screen.

To stop recording, simply double click the icon in the system tray above. The video will be saved in your Desktop.

Thanks for reading this tutorial how to install Deepin Screen Recorder on Ubuntu 18.10. See you on the next tutorials.


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