Install MariaDB 10.3 on Windows 10

MariaDB is a fork of MySQL, a well known database system that has been around for a while. Today I am going to show you how to install MariaDB 10.3 on Windows 10 64 bit edition. The reason why I choose MariaDB rather than the MySQL is simply because I cannot use the latest MySQL Server with my GIS programs. The GIS program that I use supports MariaDB 10.3 very well.

Steps to Install MariaDB 10.3 on Windows 10

Step 1. Download the MariaDB 10.3 Installer

You can download the installer from this link. Save the installer to your local folder. In most cases, you should have a file called something like this: mariadb-10.3.14-winx64.msi

Step 2. Install MariaDB

Double click the mariadb-10.3.14-winx64.msi file and the installation wizard will open up.

On the first page, click Next to continue. Accept the license agreement.

Choose what to install. In the following step, you can disable some feature such as Third party tools if you don’t need it.

Click Next and then specify the password MySQL root user. I would also recommend you to enable access from remote machine for root user.

Next we need to specify some properties such as service name, port and buffer size.

Click Next and then finally hit Install button to start the installation

In few moments, MariaDB should be installed. You can now manage your databases using MySQL Workbench or any other software. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy it. Cheers


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