Install OpenVPN Client on Manjaro Linux

OpenVPN provides a secure network connection to the internet. By using a tunneling system, your connection will be secured with high security system. Also, you can by pass any blocked content or websites on your country using VPN connection. In order to use VPN connection, you must have a VPN server. On this tutorial I will show you how to install OpenVPN client on Manjaro Linux. OpenVPN client is used to connect to remote OpenVPN Access server to gain secure connection. See how to install OpenVPN access server on Ubuntu.

Steps to install OpenVPN Client on Manjaro Linux

Open Terminal and login as root


Then execute this command to install OpenVPN client

pacman -S openvpn

OpenVPN client has no GUI. To create or start VPN connection, use the following command as root

openvpn –config client.ovpn

Where client.ovpn is the client setting which can be downloaded from the OpenVPN Server

openvpn manjaro

Once connected, you can check your Network status as follow

vpn on manjaro


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