Install Ubuntu 15.10 on Raspberry Pi 2

Good news for Raspberry Pi 2 and Ubuntu users. RaspEx GNU/Linux distribution has just released new Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf). They call it as RaspEX Build 151027. RaspEx is a well known distribution for ARM computer such as Raspberry Pi 2.

raspex ubuntu 15.10 1

What’s new on RaspEx Ubuntu 15.10?

The new RaspEX comes with pre-installed Wicd network manager, Adobe Flash, and Chromium web browser. With all these features, you will have a complete desktop environment on your Raspberry Pi 2. Its very easy to install Ubuntu 15.10 on Raspberry Pi 2.

raspex ubuntu 15.10 2

Download RaspEX and burn the ISO to the SD Card on your Raspberry Pi 2 and then boot it.


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