Install Webmin 1.780 on CentOS 7.1

Webmin is a popular web based server administration. The new version of Webmin 1.780 is now available for download. This tutorial is going to show you how to install Webmin 1.780 on CentOS 7.1. On this CentOS Tutorial, I will show you how to do this via Terminal session. Make sure you have root password in hands.

Steps to install Webmin 1.780 on CentOS 7.1

A. Login to CentOS 7.1

Either login to your local CentOS desktop or server, or if you are installing CentOS on a remote/cloud server. I use putty or ssh client to connect to my CentOS server hosted in

B. Download Webmin 1.780 RPM package

In terminal, use the following command to download Webmin 1.780 RPM to the current directory.


C. Install the pacakage

To install the rpm package we’ve downloaded on the above step, use this command

yum localinstall webmin-1.780-1.noarch.rpm

Wait until the installation process is completed. Once finished, you can start using webmin. Open a web browser from other computer and type the server IP address with the following format:


Login using root user and password.

webmin on centos 7.png


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