How to open MySQL Table on Mapinfo Professional 2015

Mapinfo Professional supports various database type such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and some more. In this tutorial, I will show you how to open a MySQL Table on Mapinfo. I am using Mapinfo Professional 2015.

The first thing to remember is that it is recommended to have a MySQL table with numeric primary key on it. With this primary key, Mapinfo can edit the MySQL table directly from Mapinfo window.


Steps to open MySQL table on Mapinfo Professional.

Create MySQL ODBC Connection

First, create an ODBC connection on your computer running Mapinfo Professional. This ODBC connection will be used to communicate Mapinfo and MySQL. You can download and install MySQL ODBC driver first if you don’t have it. You can refer to this post to create MySQL ODBC Connection on Windows 10.

Open MySQL Table

Now, from Mapinfo Pro, go to File | Open DBMS Connection and then select ODBC from the connection type.

open dbms mapinfo.pngClick New and select the ODBC connection (data source) created from the first step above.

open dbms mapinfo 2.png

Press OK and you will see list of available tables in the database.

open dbms mapinfo 4.png

Select the linked or live for the data. Live provide live access to the MySQL database and for a table with many rows, it will affect the performance of the loading process etc.


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