Linux Lite 3.4 Beta Screenshots Tour

The new version of Linux Lite 3.4 is now reached Beta version. Linux Lite is an Ubuntu based Linux that is very easy to use and has beautiful looks. The new version brings a lot of improvements and bug fixes. Here are some screenshots of the new Linux Lite 3.4 Beta.

Linux Lite 3.4 Desktop

linux lite 3.4.png

linux lite 3.4 screenshot 2.png

Linux Lite Tweaks

linux lite 3.4 screenshot 3.png

Lite Software

Lite Software is a neat application that make it easier to install third party software such as Skype, Team Viewer in Linux Lite. Many other software also available.

linux lite 3.4 screenshot 4.png

Desktop Settings

desktop settings.png

There are many interesting features to explore. Grab your own Linux Lite 3.4 ISO and try it yourself and I am pretty sure you will be amaze. Linux Lite, together with Deepin and Manjaro are my favorite Linux distribution for Desktop.


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