MacOs-Linux 11.04 Download

Are you looking for a Linux distribution that looks like Mac OS X? Actually you can turn your ordinary Ubuntu 14.04 into Mac OS X looks using Mac OS X theme and icon which available for Ubuntu. But, if you don’t want to install themes and want something else, you may need to take a look at this MacOS-Linux 11.04. This is a Linux distribution which is modified and looks like Mac OS X out of the box. No modification needed to get the Mac OS X looks.

It still in doubt if MacOS-Linux is the Pear OS reincarnation said But I think this distribution is just Ubuntu 11.04 with Mac OS theme installed. Personally I haven’t tested this distribution but I think its a nice one.


Its pretty cool right? You don’t have to install any theme. The screenshot above is the default interface of MacOS-Linux 11.04. Unfortunately, this distro is still based on older Ubuntu 11.04 and currently Ubuntu 14.04 is available. I hope we can upgrade to the most recent Ubuntu version without problems.

Interested? Download MacOS-Linux 11.04 ISO from here.



  1. The project has been discontinued, and I did not downloaded the iso image when it was avalaible (now the link is broken). I would apreciate if somebody could upload the iso image and share it.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Yes true, too bad…there are some Linux Distro which mimic the MacOS X style and most of them now stopped and discontinued. Pear OS is the one.

      • Hellos, the project is dead I removed the iso
        another project is still it will be available soon my beautiful
        The developer of Mac OS-Linux

        • Hello Developer.

          So where is this new MacOs Linux version you have spoken of ?

          I hope we see it soon.

          Or should we wait another year :)


          • I doubt we are going to hear anything more about this OS. If you want a Mac like Linux experience there are some really good alternatives.

            Look them up.

            1. Pearl Linux

            2. Elementary ‘Freya’

            3. MacBuntu

            4. Suse Gallery ‘Snow Leopard’

          • Re Links ?

            There are none… Sorry to say.

            I have checked for the last month and had absolutely no luck.

            Sourceforge has deleted every trace of it, Nor are there any links existing via Archive Org or via any other site.

            I have even tried FTP Linux sources : but the links are all dead or deleted.

    • Hi this distro is dead and not available for download anymore..try to dig deeper through google maybe you still can download from somewhere

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