Robolinux 7.5.2 Screenshots Tour

I just downloaded RoboLinux 7.5.2 and install it on my VirtualBox. Here I just want to share some screenshots of RoboLinux 7.5.2. RoboLinux is a nice, responsive Linux distribution based on Debian. It comes with a complete features and applications. RoboLinux is based on Debian and should be compatible with any software or packages for Debian.

Here are some RoboLinux 7.5.2 Screenshots:

RoboLinux 7.5.2 Desktop

robolinux-screenshot 1

Application menu on RoboLinux 7.5.2

robolinux-screenshot 2

Google Chrome already installed on RoboLinux 7.5.2

robolinux-screenshot 5

VirtualBox 4.3.12 already included

robolinux-screenshot 6

Software center on RoboLinux 7.5.2. Simple and easy to use.

robolinux-screenshot 7


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