Solus OS 2017.04 Installation Steps

Solus OS – Hello everyone today I am going to show you how to install Solus OS 2017.04. Solus OS is a new Linux distribution that is not based on other distribution. Solus OS 2017 is available in several flavors such as GNOME, Budgie and MATE desktop environment. On this tutorial, I am using Solus OS GNOME edition. If you are planning to install Solus OS on a dedicated PC or laptop, you can create Solus OS Live USB and then boot your computer with the USB flash disk. I think this is the best way to install Solus OS. If you just want to try it without installation, simply use the Live USB and boot your computer with it.

Before we go through the installation step, you may need to download Solus OS 2017.04 ISO. Select which Solus flavor you like from this link. Now you may also need to create Solus OS Live USB.

Solus OS Installation Steps

To open the installer, click Install OS button from the desktop. The installer will now open.

Select the installation language

The Solus installer can detect your location automatically if you are connected to the internet. Otherwise, you will need to specify your location manually.

Choose the keyboard layout

Choose your time zone

Select the installation disk. You may choose automatic partition or you can also use the manual way

Configure disk to use LVM or not. I recommend to use LVM.

Create new user

Review the installation summary before proceeding.

The installation is now started

Once completed, simply reboot your computer.

What do you think? It is very easy to install Solus OS on a computer or virtual box. Thanks for reading this how to install Solus OS 2017.04 and see you on the next post. Please leave us comments and don’t forget to share this article.



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