Spotify seems not working on Fedora 25 with Wayland

I was successfully installed the latest version of Spotify Client on my Fedora 25. As your information, Fedora 25 uses the wayland as default display server replacing the ordinary Xorg Server. Its a nice one but seems there are many programs that’s not compatible perfectly with Wayland. Spotify is one of them.┬áSpotify can be installed through Fedy on Fedora 25. But everytime I run it and tried to log in, the program will terminated without any error messages.

Possible work around

It is good to try to use the Xorg instead of Wayland. Log out and Login with Xorg option. And the result is…. NOT WORKING either !!!

I was expecting too much about the new Fedora 25 with its Wayland. But unfortunately, its kind of buggy. I cannot install Plank or Docky on my Fedora 25.



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