Step by step install Fedora 25 Server

On this Fedora tutorial, I will guide you to install Fedora 25 Server edition. Fedora 25 Server comes with a simple Anaconda installer which is very comfortable to use. Do not imagine that it is hard or difficult to install Fedora 25 server. In fact, it only takes few minutes to get the new Fedora 25 Server up and running. Before we go through, please download the ISO file first. On this tutorial, I am installing Fedora 25 Server on Proxmox VE as a guest machine.

Steps to install Fedora 25 Server

1. Boot the Server

After obtaining the ISO file, we need to boot our server or virtual machine with the Fedora 25 ISO. You may create Fedora 25 LiveUSB if you are planning to boot your server from a USB flash disk. On the first boot screen, select Install Fedora 25 to start the installer immediately. Use Up and Down arrow to switch between options.

2. Select Installation Language

Select your preferred installation language. The default is US English.

3. Installation Summary

The next step, we will see the installation summary. As you might notice there is a yellow mark that needs attention on the Installation Destination section. We will need to fix it on the next step.

4. Configure disk partitioning

Click the Installation Destination to view the detailed disk partitioning options. Here you can select how the disk will be partitioned. I choose automatically configure partitioning. For advance users, you may choose the other option as well. Click Done to go back to the Installation Summary page.

5. Software Selection

Optionally, we can install additional software to our Fedora 25 Server during installation. Click Software Selection to see available software.

6. Begin installation

Click Begin Installation to start the installation. This will take a few minutes to complete. While installing you will need to specify the new password for root user. Optionally, you can also add new user and password.

7. Complete Installation and reboot

Upon reboot, your server should be ready and you can see the IP address to access the Admin console listed there.

Finally, Fedora 25 Server is ready


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