Top 5 Online Backup Services for Home and Enterprise Users

Online backup services is more like traditional backup software. With a web based backup services, however, your important data is transmitted over the internet and securely placed on a storage space in a professional data centre. The advantage of getting the important data backed up off-site, away from your home or office, is that it’s safe from theft, fire, and other disasters.

There are thousands of powerful online backup services available for personal, home and enterprise users. Here we have some lists of the Top 5 Online Backup Services. Please note that this is my own list and could be different depends on how the users look at the services.

Top 5 Online Backup Services for Home and Enterprise Users


Currently Backblaze offers restored 20+ billion data files for each of our customers. Backblaze cloud back-up has supported over three hundred and fifty million GIGABYTE of data intended for Mac and PC laptop computers and desktop computers. Read Backblaze reviews coming from some of our customers just how backing up on-line proved to be an important lifeline.

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And while its interface is intuitive and its pricing competitive, it’s also one of the slowest and least feature-filled services we’ve tested. Backblaze claims to be the world’s easiest and least-expensive online backup service. Customizing the service is a chore, however , and forget about sharing your cloud-stored files. If you’re a hands-off type of person, Backblaze may be for you, because, unlike most on-line backup solutions, it decides what should be backed up for you-before you even have a chance to approve its choices.


Carbonite is among the planet’s most well-known cloud backup solutions, and once and for all reason. All their backup programs are unlimited and have a complete lot of features, putting Carbonite close to the best of my personal set of endless cloud backup programs. Carbonite ‘s been around since 2006 and includes a massive client foundation, causeing this to be ongoing company one of the most established among cloud back-up providers.

Carbonite Backup offers several plans:

  • Carbonite Personal Basic
  • Carbonite Personal Plus
  • Carbonite Personal Prime

The plans starting from $59.99 per year for Personal Basic.

I understand that deciding on the best cloud backup service could be difficult — they possibly all appear the same or perhaps each of them appear different, based on your point of view. Carbonite, however , is one of those ongoing services that I find very simple to recommend to many others. You will have no problems using it regardless of your technology or pc skills. Not just that, it enables you to backup all of your essential products without recharging you a lot of money.

C. Sugar Sync

SugarSync is an online backup service that backs up your folders online in real-time and then syncs them to all your connected devices. Because “the cloud” is used as one of your products, you can access all your backed up files from any computer, as well as restore anything you’ve deleted.

SugarSync backs up your files almost immediately after they’ve been changed. This means your data is constantly being supported and saved online, which is an extremely important feature for a great backup service. There are, however, some features in SugarSync that aren’t as good as ones you’d find in other backup services.

Setting up SugarSync is a breeze. After you sign up for an account and choose a level of service, you download the SugarSync apps for your computers and mobile devices and create a new account or sign into an existing one. The apps are compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Symbian. There’s also a plug-in for Outlook (it lets you send large files via a shared SugarSync link instead of as attachments), and compatibility with many other applications and services.

D. SOS Online Backup

SOS is a big player inside the online backup world, as well as for good reason. seventy five /month in case you pay for an entire year at the same time, while the greatest, 10 TB, is $250 /month for any year. Most of these different safe-keeping options provide the same support for a few computers, however the cheapest is usually 50 GIGABITE and is $3. It includes just one backup program but enables you to choose between 8 different storage area capacities, all of these offer endless versioning, exterior and network drive support, and a lot of other features, all in fantastic rates.

SOS Online Backup offers Home and Business Plan starting from $4.99 per month for up to 5 PCs and unlimited mobile devices.

E. SpideOak Online Backup

SpiderOak is among the better choices general among the web backup services out there, particularly when it involves security. Pricing is pretty self-explanatory at SpiderOak. Everyone begins with a trial operate accounts that lasts 21 days. I love any business that puts your time and effort they did to their Support, tutorials, and FAQ webpages. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve noticed this kind of focus on customer support.

SpiderOak’s zero-knowledge plan allows just you to have access to your files. The desktop program downloads your individual data before decrypting it. SpiderOak suggests usually using the desktop app to make this technique actually safer.

This is actually the only instance where your password may be read from the SpiderOak servers. Only a select few quantity of SpiderOak employees will ever get access to the server. Just during that browsing program is your password kept in encrypted memory space and is never preserved to an unencrypted disk. Once you end your browsing program your password is usually destroyed and there is absolutely no trace of its presence. Every time you use SpiderOak you need to login together with your password. Nobody else can gain access to them, not SpiderOak employees.

Switch to online backup services for more reliable, accessible from anywhere. The enterprise or business users should start considering put their backup on the cloud with many options of online backup services.


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