Ubuntu Budgie Remix 17.04 Beta 2 Review and Screenshots Tour

Hello everyone, see you again in our Linux distro review. Today I am going to give a short review and walkthrough for the new Ubuntu Budgie Remix. This is the development version of Ubuntu Budgie Remix 17.04 Beta 2. The final version of this distribution should be released in the next few weeks.

Ubuntu Budgie Remix 17.04 is based on Ubuntu Zesty Zapus (17.04) and it comes with the new Budgie Desktop 10.2.9. Budgie Desktop is a simple, lightweight and beautiful desktop environment made popular by Solus OS. This new 17.04 editions includes many bug fixes and improvements but it seems not many new features were available.

First Impression

I like the GTK and Icon theme on this Budgie Remix. The developer choose Arc and Moka as the default ones. I think they have a good “taste” in the look of the desktop. Arc is a beautiful theme and combined with Moka, the popular icon theme out there.

ubuntu budgie remix 17.04 beta 2.png

The Desktop

Ubuntu Budgie Remix 17.04 includes Plank version 0.11.3, a simple dock for the application shortcuts. Thi Plank icons seems to small if you connect your PC to a big screen/monitor. But we can easily modify the Plank settings via Plank Preferences.


The infamous Budgie Panel can be load up from the taskbar on the top right screen. This panel is essential and quick way to change some settings such as theme, icons, and many others.

budgie panel.png

On the top center of the taskbar, there is a digital clock which if we click it, it will give us two options to be displayed. Date/Time Settings and Calendar. I was expecting the calendar will shown up here but I need one more click to view the calendar.

Application Menu

No visually update found on the Application menu. But, Budgie application menu is one of my favorite because its very simple and responsive.

budgie remix 17.04 menu.png

Installed Applications

There are not many software installed by default. Few standard applications such as Chromium, LibreOffice, Transmission bit torrent client, Cheese (webcam application), Rhytmbox music player and GParted are installed by default. But I am not upset with this situation because the Software Center is always there for me.

ubuntu budgie remix 17.04 software center.png

It tooks few minutes for Software catalog to refresh. For the first use, the Software Center loads pretty slow. It does not even load completely.

ubuntu budgie remix 17.04 software center 2.png

The Bottom Line

Ubuntu Budgie Remix 17.04 is still in development and I think its still pretty immature. There are some sections that is not working. But overall, this distribution is well designed, well work almost on any computers. Thanks to Budgie desktop environment.

Please share this article if you found useful and leave us comments if there are any questions. Cheers.


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