VidCoder 1.5.31, free video transcoding/converter for Windows

VidCoder is a free video transcoding and BluRay/DVD ripping software for Windows. VidCoder was built using handbrake encoding engine. The new VidCoder 1.5.31 is now available for download. Here I want to show you how to convert video using VidCoder 1.5.31. You can download this application from this link for free.

vidcoder 1.5.31

VidCoder can convert any supported video files into MKV (Matroska) HD format. Simply open the video source using the button. We can use a video file or DVD/BluRay as the source.

vidcoder video converter

You can also modify the encoding settings, preview the video and also you can add current job to queue and add another conversion tasks.

vidcoder video encoding in progress

VidCoder is a must have application for you who loves to convert videos from one format to another. There are many presets available we can choose without having to change the settings manually. Go grab VidCoder and start convert your videos.


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