WikiTool 2.5 for Windows-Free Wikipedia offline browser

Are you looking for a free Wikipedia offline browser for Windows 8? Fortunately there is a nice program for Windows which helps us to browse and find any Wikipedia documents without having to stay connected to the internet. With WikiTool we can read the Wikipedia pages and articles offline.


WikiTool official information:

Stay documented, perform multiple searches and read articles regarding a wide range of topics using this offline Wikipedia browser Wikitool allows you to search for articles on the popular Wikipedia online encyclopedia website without using a web browser. The application offers users the possibility of creating a Wikipedia account via the register button and speeds up the login process by enabling you to sign in from Wikitool main window. Wikitool features an intuitive multilingual interface that comprises navigation options to make things even more easier. With the push of a button, the application can access Wikipedia articles randomly, so you might just stumble upon something that catches your interest.

WikiTool 2.5 is now available for download. Please use the following link to download WikiTool 2.5 for Windows

WikiTool 2.5 exe


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