WMail 2.0 is now available, install it on Ubuntu 16.10

WMail is a lightweight mail client. The new version of WMail 2.0 is now available for download. Ubuntu users can download and install WMail 2.0 with ease. WMail 2.0 comes with some improvements and bug fixes. If you are looking for a mail client alternative, you may download and install WMail. It works best with GMail account. For more info, please visit: https://thomas101.github.io/wmail/


WMail interface is similar to the original Gmail web. It will display message upon message arrival.

wmail settings.png

Download and install WMail 2.0 on Ubuntu 16.10

Step 1. Download WMail for Ubuntu

Download WMail 2.0 DEB package for Ubuntu 64 bit here or for 32 bit here.

Step 2. Install the package

Use the following command to install the package

sudo gdebi WMail_2_0_0_linux_ia32.deb


sudo gdebi WMail_2_0_0_linux_x86_64.deb

install wmail ubuntu.gif


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