Zorin OS 10 is Out, Download the ISO Now

zorin os 10 screenshot 1

Zorin OS is a simple and beautiful Linux desktop based on Ubuntu. Zorin OS 10 is now released with many improvements on board. Zorin OS 10 is now based on Ubuntu 15.04. Its available in four versions, Zorin OS 10 Core, Lite, BusinessĀ and Ultimate. The Zorin OS Core is the free version and the Ultimate is the paid one. But currently the free and Ultimate versions are available. You may use Zorin OS 10 for free but you have to pay some price to get the Zorin OS 10 Ultimate. To see the differences between Free and Ultimate, please visit this page.

zorin os 10 screenshot 2

Zorin OS 10 is claimed as the most beautiful Zorin version ever made, said the developer. It includes new theme colors in Zorin Theme Changer. Technically, Zorin OS 10 is powered by Linux Kernel 3.19, systemd init system and manager. There is also useful tool called Zorin Web Browser Manager to install additional web browsers to Zorin OS 10. Download Zorin OS 10 Now and enjoy the new experience of using Linux desktop.

zorin os 10 screenshot 3

Image source: http://zorin-os.com


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