How to Backup Using Duplicacy

Hello everyone, welcome to my website. Today we are going to review the new Duplicacy, a powerful backup tool for Windows. This review and tutorial is based on Duplicacy version 2.0.8. You may find the download link for Duplicacy 2.0.8 at the end of this post. On this article, I also want to show you how to backup using Duplicacy

Duplicacy Features

Well, there are many features you can get. Duplicacy can backup files to local devices and also it can backup to the cloud storage. In short, here are some key features of Duplicacy

  • Support cloud storage
  • Client side encryption
  • Deduplication support
  • Lock free deduplication feature
  • Incremental backup

Duplicacy comes with a simple GUI and it should be suitable for everyone. It supports Windows 10 and also previous versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8. This software is built with new technology called Lock-Free Deduplication. This technology works by relying on the basic filesystem API to manage deduplicated chunks without using any locks. 

Duplicacy 2.0.8 Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of Duplicacy 2.0.8 on Windows 10

duplicacy screenshot 1

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Download Duplicacy

You can download the latest version of Duplicacy using the link we provided below. 

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How to Backup using Duplicacy

Below, I am going to show you how to use Duplicacy to backup your data. I am using Windows 10 on this tutorial. 

First open Duplicacy application. Then, browse the source directory you wish to backup. 

Next, click the button next to Storage to configure the backup destination. There are many cloud storage supported by Duplicacy. But for now, I am going to put my backup on my Google Drive.

Select Google Drive and Click Next. Now we need to authorize Duplicacy with our Google Drive account. Click the link that says Click Here to download the access token file. It will bring up your default web browser as follow.

Click Download my credentials as gcd-token.json. Then you will need to login using your Google account and press Allow

Click Allow and then save the gcd-token.json file. Now select the token file you downloaded from the previous step.

Also provide the storage directory in Google Drive. Make sure that the directory is exist in GDrive. Press Next.

Provide a password if you want to protect the backup with password. Click Done to complete this step.

Configure the Backup Schedule

Now we are in the main window of Duplicacy again. We need to configure the backup schedule and some other settings. 

how to backup using duplicacy

You can specify the backup schedule and also how Duplicacy handles the snapshot. Click Start to start the backup process. 

How to Restore files using Duplicacy

Now we have successfully created backup using Duplicacy and now we are going to show you how to restore it. Open Duplicacy and then click Restore tab. It will bring up the restore menu. 

Select the repository ID and then press List revisions. If you have multiple revisions, they will appear in the revision box. Select the revision you want to restore and click List files to see the content. To restore a file or directory, specify the restore destination at the bottom of the Duplicacy window. Then, right click the file or folder you want to restore and click Restore.

You can select multiple files and directories as well. 

Final Thought

Duplicacy is a simple cloud backup software that offers several cloud storage supports. It is very easy to use and pretty quick. Thanks for reading this tutorial How to backup using Duplicacy. Please consider share this article if you think its useful. 


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