How to Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription

I am a spotify user and actually I am pretty satisfied with the Spotify Premium account. But due to some reasons, I could not play my Spotify music very often. So I think I should cancel my Spotify Premium Subscription and back to the free version (if possible). On this article, I am going to show you how to cancel Spotify Premium Subscription. Spotify is a great cloud music subscription service. You can choose from millions of song which you can play anytime anywhere. You can download the music to your devices or computers and play them offline. 

How to cancel Spotify Premium Subscription?

  1. Go to Spotify Subscription page
  2. Login with your Spotify user account and password.
  3. Go to Subscription page
  4. Click Change or Cancel next to your Spotify Premium account information
  5. Click Cancel Premium to confirm


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Well, thanks to Spotify with their great services. But I am sorry I have to unsubscribe. But in the future I will get back subscribe to you. 


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