Enable SSL/TLS connection on OpenMediaVault Server

By default, OpenMediaVault web administration console can be accessed through standard, insecure connection. But, with a little tweak we can enable the SSL/TLS secure connection on OpenMediaVault. This tutorial will show you how to enable the SSL/TLS Secure Connection on OpenMediaVault server.

Step 1. Create a self sign certificate.

Open the web administration page and go to certificates section under System menu. Just in case you need it, the default username is admin and the password is openmediavault.

selfsign cert on openmediavault 1.png

Click SSL and then click Add and select create. Enter the required information displayed there.

selfsign cert on openmediavault.png

Click Save to save the new self-signed ssl certificate. Now you have a new certificate to be used for the next step.

Step 2. Enable Secure Connection

Go to General Settings under System menu and click Web administration. Now enable the SSL/TLS and you may also force the SSL connection if you like.

enable ssl on openmediavault

Now your settings will look like this

enable ssl on openmediavault 2.png

Don’t forget to select the newly created certificate on the certificate section. Now save the configuration.

Once you save your configuration, now you must change the way you connect to OpenMediaVault. Make sure you use “https” in front of the address bar.



  1. > Enter the required information displayed there.

    Where do we get all that info from? Am I supposed to just magically “know it” somehow?

    • Hi sorry for the confusion. You should enter your details such as country, email etc. you should have this information..

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