How to import Wireframe (DXF) to Surpac 6.5.1

On this Surpac tutorial, I am going to show you how to import wireframe (dxf format) to Surpac 6.5.1. This is the 3D wireframe in DXF format originally from other software (Micromine). You may want to see how do I export the wireframe to dxf format in Micromine. I just want to show you the compatibility between Surpac and Micromine the world leading Mining Software.

To import dxf in Surpac, simply go to File | Import and select DXF File to a String/DTM. The import window will come up.

import dxf to dtm in surpac.png

On the convert DXF files to STR file window, specify the dxf file location and you must also provide the output location. Press Apply to start the conversion. This process will take some times depends on the size of the wireframe. Once completed, you can find a new file inside the current working directory as .dtm and .str file.

import dxf on surpac.gif

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