How to setup email alert on FreeNAS 9.3

If you are managing FreeNAS server, it is recommended to have an alert system which inform you any failed tasks, completed cron jobs, errors and any other important logs of the FreeNAS server. The easiest way is to setup email on the FreeNAS server. FreeNAS will send messages to your email address if something happened to your server.
To configure email on FreeNAS 9.3, do the following steps.

Login to FreeNAS web interface and go to System | Email.

email setup on freenas 9.3 step1

Enter your email address in From email section. For example: Next, specify the Outgoing mail server. If you are using gmail, it would be Type 465 on Port to connect to, TLS/SSL set to SSL. Check the Use SMTP Authentication option. Enter your gmail username and password. Save it.

Because the email will be sent to root account, we need to setup email for root account. Go to Users and click View Users. Click root username and press Change email. You can

setup email on freenas

Type the root email and press OK

change email freenas

Now any important log will be sent to your root email address.


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