Screenfetch, a fancy system information on Terminal-How to install it on Fedora 22

Screenfetch is a small script that will display your system information on Terminal. But don’t think about a dull Terminal text with many information printed on a plain text. Screenfetch will show your system information in a nice way. Ever see something like this one below?


On this tutorial, we will going to create that one. All we need is Screenfetch. On this tutorial I want to show you how to install Screenfetch on Fedora 22.

To install Screenfetch on Fedora 22, follow these steps

A. Open Terminal and download Screenfetch from GitHub


B. Unzip


It will produce a new folder called screenFetch-master

C. Move screenFetch-master/screenfetch-dev

mv screenFetch-master/screenfetch-dev /usr/bin

D. cd to /usr/bin

cd /usr/bin
mv screenfetch-dev screenfetch
chmod 755 screenfetch

Now run screenfetch



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