Stremio, a lovely way to watch Movies, TV Channel, Series

Nowadays, there are many software that makes our life even easier. For you who loves to watch Movies, TV Channels, TV Series or even fans of YouTube channel, you can rely on Stremio. Stremio is an integrated video streaming applications that supports various sources.

You may stream your movies or video from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and also Live TV from Filmon. But unfortunately, those services is not available in every countries. But, another but, thanks to Juan Carlos addon for Stremio which lets us to stream movies from torrent website such as

stremio-screenshot 1.png

You can download latest version of Stremio from this link. For your comfort, you may want to sign in or create a new account. There are several benefits when we are logged in.

stremio-screenshot 2.png

If we live on a country which is not supported by Netflix or Hulu, Stremio is a good alternative to Pocorn Time. Wanna try? Its free…


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