Why you should keep Manjaro updated

I have been away for few weeks with no good internet connection. So at that time I cannot update my Manjaro desktop even there is an update notification shown on Octopi. But now its time to update Manjaro, since now I have a good internet connection. It says there are 671 files will be updated with 1.4 GB will be downloaded as a part of upgrade process.


It is important to keep our Manjaro desktop up to date. There are many bugs, new features were added to any installed packages as a part of development. Manjaro is one of rolling release Linux distribution that delivers update frequently. There is no reason not to update Manjaro. It will make Manjaro more powerful, less bugs and more stable with all the updates.

How to get this update in Manjaro?

Manjaro (KDE edition) comes with Octopi, an update manager applet that display any available updates on Manjaro task bar. Octopi usually located at the bottom right of Manjaro desktop. We can click it to see the detailed information about available updates. We can also perform package update using Octopi.


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