Yosembiance GTK3 theme on Fedora 21

Yosembiance is a nice GTK3 theme that specifically designed for Ubuntu Unity. But here I tried to install this Yosembiance GTK3 theme on my Fedora 21 GNOME and it works. But its not as good as in Ubuntu 14.10 off course. Here are some screenshots of my Fedora 21 desktop with Yosembiance GTK3 theme installed.

yosembiance on fedora 21

yosembiance on fedora 21 2

To install Yosembiance theme on Fedora, simply follow these steps:

A. Download Yosembiance package

Use Terminal to download Yosembiance package

wget https://github.com/bsundman/Yosembiance/archive/master.zip

B. Unzip the package

unzip master.zip

C. Move theme to /usr/share/themes

cd Yosembiance-master
sudo mv Yosembiance /usr/share/themes

Now open Gnome Tweak Tool and change theme to Yosembiance.


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